The Polling endpoint

Logic apps triggers were discussed in a previous post, these triggers rely on the polling endpoint in the ServiceAPI. The polling endpoint is simply a special purpose search designed to support the request/response pattern used by triggers. This pattern expects a response containing records created or updated since the last request.

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Displaying the properties of a Schedule in WebDrawer

At some point since CM 8.3 the method used to determine which properties to display on a page was changed to allow the hptrim.config file to determine which properties are displayed. One omission in this change was the default hptrim.config was not updated to specify which properties to display for a retention schedule. This post describes how to remedy that omission.

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Office Integration 'My Documents' folder

The CM Office Integration uses a local folder in which to store its working documents. Prior to 94 this folder was always found within the Windows ‘My Documents’ folder. Due to conflicts with OneDrive this was changed in 94 and it can now be set globally or overridden by each user.

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Composing a search string

Search strings are required for searching in the web service and can be convenient in the .Net SDK, there are a few rules on how to compose these strings but if I need to compose a complex search to get baked into an application I like to use the Content Manager client to assist me.

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Blazor is a new Microsoft technology for building client web apps in C#. I have spent a total of 2 hours experimenting with it so here is my beginners intro. If you are interested and want to save the 2 hours I spent hacking together some CM SDK code you can find my project on the samples repo.

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Unable to sign out from Web Client

I stumbled on an odd problem the other day. A CM web client instance authenticating use WS-Fed (ADFS). The user could sign-in without problem but when they attempted to sign-out they got the response below.

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Avoid setting DateLastUpdated when downloading a document

The default behaviour in Content Manager is to update the data LastUpdated when getting an electronic document from a Record. This can be problematic, particularly in cases where you want to get the document every time the Record changes. Thankfully this update can be override.

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Logic Apps (and Flow) CM trigger and send to Microsoft Teams

In a previous post I described my initial experiments with Microsoft Logic Apps. For this post I have created a trigger on Content Manager so that the Logic App can react to modifications to Records. To make this work I needed to make a small modification to the ServiceAPI code, this could be applied to an existing CM installation via a ServiceAPI plugin.

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Using TrimDateTime from a web service

When writing a web service that uses the CM SDK you need to take into account the fact that different users may be in different time zones. The SDK date/time object, TrimDateTime operates, buy default, in the same time zone as the operating system. To ensure you set dates correctly you need to convert it to operate in the same time zone as the user. The sample code demonstrates how to do this, for more detail have a look at this video.

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Workaround for incorrect date returned in Additional Fields

When posting a date to an Additional Field in the web service the date returned in the response is incorrect, even though the date set in CM is correct. The problem is caused by a bug in handling time zone offsets. The scenarios in this post assume that:

  • all actors (web service, client, WGS) are using the same time-zone settings, and
  • dates are always sent as UTC (not local) dates.
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Update to site

As of Monday 15th July 2019 I have moved the hosting for this web site from Squarespace to Github pages. The main motivation for this was to consolidate with our samples repo. The only annoyances I expect for readers of this blog are:

  1. links to individual posts have changed, all posts can be found in the index
  2. the RSS feed link as changed, select the RSS link at the bottom of the page to subscribe to this blog.
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