More riding bike by Luke

Now Luke can ride his bike for a few metres without Dad holding on.

More fun in a puddle

Here is James videoing Luke.

At the playground

Apple Trees

Ball tent again

Ball tent

Luke riding his bike again

Lets see if he has made any progress since last time.


The boys doing what they do best.


Luke and James enjoy driving the Lego trains.


Sometimes Luke even dances to the music, at other times he just runs around crazily.


To make up for not going out to school the boys do some excercises most days.

Luke playing in a puddle

James playing some songs on the piano

Luke and James on the trampoline

Luke learning to ride

Daniel Piano

Daniel recently did his grade 5 AMEB ‘Piano for Leisure’ exam, these are the songs he performed.

Luke and the peach tree

David and Luke spend a moment in the backyard having a look at the peach tree in bloom.