Fetch a list of record revisions and display them in WebDrawer


This video goes start to finish fetching a list of record revisions and creating a list in WebDrawer.  Along the way I show where in the ServiceAPI help I found all the information I needed to achieve this.

Sample Code

In this video I call the ServiceAPI with a URL like the one below to fetch a list of record revisions.


I write this Razor code:

    @foreach (RecordRevision revision in this.Model.Results[0].ChildRevisions)
        <li><a href="~/Record/@this.Model.Results[0].Uri/RecordRevision/@revision.Uri">@revision.Description</a></li>

Modify a routeDefault to look like this:


Add this custom property Set:

<add name="RecordRevisionChildDetails" propertySets="All" properties="RecordRevisionDescription,NameString"/>


The custom property set I added above has redundant information.  I specify the propertySet 'all' which means that I do not need to specify the individual properties at all.

Also, you might notice a record revision property in the help that has a numeric ID (in fact I comment on this).  This was the result of me working with a partially re-built instance of HPRM.

And lastly, if you see some odd looking things in WebDrawer (such as the 'Create' button) just ignore them.  They are a part of some other sample code I am currently part way through building.

Written on April 28, 2015