A first event processor add-in

Event processor add-in?

The HPRM workgroup server processes a variety of scheduled events, such as word indexing and notifications.  It is possible for you to create your own custom add-ins to be triggered by one of the many record (or other object) events. I have written an intro to HPRM SDK programming in a previous post.

Getting started

This is a video of me creating a simple event processor add-in.

Basic debugging tips

It can be difficult to work out why a program like an event processor add-in is not working.  These are some of the strategies I use:

  • write log entries from your code to verify where (or whether) your code us running,
  • use the debugger to verify that you are at least getting to the first line of your code,
  • start again, write the simplest possible add-in (like the one above) and bit by bit build your code up again until you work out where it is going wrong,
  • double check you are using the correct version of the HPRM SDK, and
  • don't forget to use the 'Test' button in HPRM Enterprise studio.

If you have any other tips please put them in the comments below.

Written on July 26, 2015