Thumbnail Views (a response for Brian)

A comment

Someone called Brian posted a comment on one of my posts a month ago, unfortunately I never noticed this comment.  I find the best place for actual conversations to be the various HP RM Discussion boards, I monitor them daily but rarely look at comments on this blog.  Just in case Brian is reading I will answer his question here.

The question

Do you think it would be possible, and effective, to leverage the preview capability to display a thumbnail grid of search results?

My answer

I have thought about this on a number of occasions and my conclusion is no.  The preview is slow and does not have a facility to generate a preview of a single page.  I do not see it as a solution for a thumbnails view.

Another answer

If what you are interested in is thumbnails of images (PNG, GIF, JPG, etc but not other document types) and you are happy to do your search in WebDrawer (not the Web Client) then there is a potential solution.  I have previously supplied a sample EventProcessor add-in to auto create a thumbnail rendition of each image document as it is created/modified.  It is quite simple then to have a custom search view in WebDrawer to display this thumbnail rendition.


I will come back and check this post in a week or so, if you really want the samples I describe above add a comment.  Or put in a request on one of the discussion boards.  I cannot make any promises as compiling samples has to fit in around other work but I will do my best.

Written on July 8, 2015