Displaying Notes in WebDrawer

Someone just pointed out that Record Notes do not display in the WebDrawer details page.  We hope to fix that in an upcoming 9.x release but if you want to patch it manually here is how.


Before you fix WebDrawer to allow it to display Notes make sure you have added Notes to the routeDefaults, for example:


The Update

 Edit string resources

Add the label 'Notes' to the string resources by editing App_GlobalResources\lang.resx and adding the followg XML before the end tag </root>.

  <data name="field_groups_notes" xml:space="preserve">

Update detailsView.cshtml

Follow these steps to update the file Views\Shared\detailsView.cshtml. 

Add Notes variable

Add this below the line that reads 'string jr_other = 'jr_other'

string notes = "notes";

Add field group

Inside the initialisation for the fieldGroups array add this line:

new { Caption = Translations.lang.field_groups_notes, Id = notes, forTrimType = BaseObjectTypes.Record},

Add property category

After the line that reads 'var propertyCategories = new Dictionary<PropertyIds, string>();' add this:

propertyCategories.Add(PropertyIds.RecordNotes, notes);


Once you have done the above Record Notes should display in a Notes 

Written on October 10, 2016