Browse Records by User Label

Browsing by Classifications in RM can be a helpful way to get at Records, how about if the Classifications are not familiar to you?  Maybe the Records Managers have a different idea of how Records should be organised than than people in particular departments?  In this video explore a sample label browser in WebDrawer.

There is one catch...

Making a group location the owner of a user label requires just the right level of access.  You need both to have the 'Modify Internal Locations' permission and also to be a member of the group.  The challenge is that, by default, only Records Managers and up have 'Modify Internal Locations'.  So to use group labels as an alternate navigation method you will either need a Records Manager to join groups to create labels for them, or have users in various groups who have the required permission.  I am hoping for a more flexible model in an upcoming release.

Written on March 15, 2016