Some time ago there was a rationalisation of the UI components offered in the RM .Net SDK, the result of which is that some options that were available in the COM SDK are no longer to be found.  For example the ability to view an electronic document via  Record.ViewUI no longer exists.

What can you do?

As of RM 8.1 the following UI classes exist in the .Net SDK:

  • ObjectSelector,
  • PropertyEditor, and
  • DesktopHelper

Some Code

The following extracts come form this very simple sample project.

Edit Record Properties

Record record = new Record(_database, 9000000000);
if (HP.HPTRIM.SDK.PropertyEditor.EditModal(GetDesktopWindow(), record))

Select Records

TrimMainObjectSearch search = new TrimMainObjectSearch(_database, BaseObjectTypes.Record);

TrimMainObjectSearch selectedSearch = ObjectSelector.SelectMany(GetDesktopWindow(), search);

Select Database

DesktopHelper helper = new DesktopHelper();
Database newDatabase = helper.SelectDatabase(GetDesktopWindow(), false, false);

if (newDatabase != null)
    _database = newDatabase;
Written on March 7, 2016