Use 'local' when running on the Workgroup Server

One tip that is not as well known as it should be is the use of the reserved work 'local' to refer to a local Workgroup Server.  Any time a .Net SDK application is talking to a Workgroup Server on the same machine you should use 'local' for the Workgroup Server name, rather than using the machine name.  Why is this?  Because 'local' will use a named pipes connection to the Workgroup Server rather than going through the network layer.

Web Client / ServiceAPI Users read this!

Of course the Web Client, ServiceaAPI and WebDrawer are .Net SDK applications, so of you are connecting to a WorkGroup Server on the same machine use 'local'.  Note the MSI will probably not suggest this to you so you wil have to edit the hptrim.config manually.  Make it look something like this:

  <workgroupServer port="1137"
                     workPath="C:\HP Records Manager\ServiceAPIWorkpath"

Hello, World!

.Net SDK Developers

If you are writing an application to run on the same machine as the Workgroup Server do something like this:

using (Database database = new Database())
    database.Id = "J1";
    database.WorkgroupServerName = "local";

    //do something

Written on July 28, 2016