Be careful with search grammar items in string searches

I was caught out the other day using hard-coded string searches in a ServiceAPI application.  It can be convenient (or necessary) to store canned searches (e.g. 'extension:docx OR extension:doc') at times.  The thing to remember is that search strings can be localised and your end user may not be using English.

First, the clauses

Typically the English versions of the search clauses should work irrespective of the user's language, so even if the end user has selected French ' extension' should still be OK.  Due to my over cautious nature I still use the internal name (e.g. 'recExtension) which can be found in the list of search clauses in the ServiceAPI.

Then the grammar items

Search grammar items (such as 'or' and 'and') are not language neutral so 'recExtension:doc or recExtensiom:docx' will not produce any results if your end user has selected Dutch as their language, what you will need is 'recExtension:doc of recExtensiom:docx'.


Getting the caption for a search grammar item in the SDK is simple:

EnumItem item = new EnumItem(AllEnumerations.SearchGrammarItem, (int)SearchGrammarItem.And).Caption

ServiceAPI - .Net

It is nearly as simple to get the grammar items using the ServiceAPI .Net client.

TrimClient client = new TrimClient("http://localhost/ServiceAPI");
client.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials;

var response = client.Get<EnumItemDetailsResponse>(new EnumItemDetails() { Enums = new AllEnumerations[] { AllEnumerations.SearchGrammarItem } });
Console.WriteLine(response.EnumItems[AllEnumerations.SearchGrammarItem].Where(ei => ei.Name == "Not").First().Caption);


Or query the ServiceAPI directly:


In short

Never hard code string searches using things like 'not', 'or', 'and', 'me' or anything else in the SearchGrammarItems enum.  If you do and someone switches languages then everything is broken.

Written on June 29, 2017