Capture all email using Email Manager


Occasionally you might want to capture all email sent by (and to) particular users.  This is achieved using a combination of Exchange Journaling and the Content Manager 'Email Management' module. 


There are a few things that need to be done in order to use the Email Management import tool, these are:

  1. setup an SMTP server which can store incoming email in a drop folder, probably the IIS SMTP server,
  2. configure journaling on your Exchange server to journal email to your SMTP server, and
  3. configure an Origin in Content Manager to monitor the drop folder on the SMTP server.


In this video I take a tour of Content Manager Email Management installed on an Azure VM and using Exchange Email Online.

NOTE: In the video I state the bulk loading is not supported when using SQL Azure.  I am reliably informed that this has been fixed in Content Manager 9.2.

Written on February 8, 2018