Avoid setting DateLastUpdated when downloading a document

The default behaviour in Content Manager is to update the data LastUpdated when getting an electronic document from a Record. This can be problematic, particularly in cases where you want to get the document every time the Record changes. Thankfully this update can be override.

.Net SDK

The code below:

  • uses ExtractDocument to get the document
  • sets SuppressLastAction to true to bypass setting the Date Last Updated action,
  • optionally sets LofAsViewed so that the audit log contains a ‘Viewed’ entry rather than an ‘Extracted’ entry.
				ExtractDocument extractDocument = record.GetExtractDocument();
				extractDocument.SuppressLastAction = true;
				extractDocument.FileName = "rec_1_1.docx";
				extractDocument.LogAsViewed = true;
				extractDocument.DoExtract("c:\\junk", true, false, null);


To download a document using the ServiceAPI using the same options demonstrated above using C# use a URL similar to the following:

Written on December 19, 2019